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Creative Expression Workshops

 Progress it Forward's Creative Expression Workshops have been designed to connect you to your true self and spark your inner flame through the power of creative expression.

This workshop encourages like-minded people who see beauty in art whether its writing, photography, painting, crafts, music and sculpture to come together and have fun expressing ourselves and celebrating our marvellous and awesome selves.

Connect more deeply with yourself to find your answers deep within to overcome blocks, anxiety, stress, indecision, procrastination, or feeling of dullness and lethargy to progress forward to feeling good, being on track, being in flow and creating health and wellness.

This workshop is designed to:

  • be a pathway to connect to our true self
  • ignite passion
  • restore motivation
  • create steps and direction
  • take action
  • solve a problem 
  • go on a journey
  • design something new 

Please contact Janna for more information.