"Your Secret E-DISC System" is a wonderful package!

Your Secret E-DISC System

Are you lying awake at night wondering "How am I going to make it better?" Perhaps you want to improve your health and wellness? Perhaps you want to improve your relationships? Perhaps your thinking about a career change yet your not sure what to do? Perhaps you feel stressed about going work and want to create more options? Perhaps you want to improve your finances? Or want a full lifestyle makeover for the better.

Whether you want to improve your health, career, relationships, lifestyle, or create more options, "Your Secret E-DISC System" can support you to create the life you want. This system works by tapping into the wealth of resources that are already within you. These resources are the keys to creating the map  as well as direction to set your compass to how you can with clarity "make it better" and much more.

"Your Secret E-DISC System" is hosted by an Accredited E-DISC Practitioner. Mrs Janna Donaldson is a life-creator, mother, wife, business owner, coach, trainer, adventurer, and previous HR Manager, Paramedic and AOD Counsellor. Janna has dived deep into psychology, health, coaching and business to make a difference in supporting professionals who protect, rescue, heal and teach. 


  • Gain clarity about your who you are & create the life you want
  • Reconnect with your true inner self
  • Improve your health & create a lifestyle of wellness
  • Improve your relationships
  • Connect to your career path and create options

What you will receive in "Your Secret E-DISC System" Diamond Level Package:

  • Introductory information booklet
  • Complete a simple 10 minute online questionnaire.
  • Receive a 20+ page report about your DISC profile.
  • Receive a 2 hour confidential and private unpack session 
  • Bonus: 1 hour follow-up session

Today's Prices

Your Secret E-DISC System:

Quartz Level - Mini E-DISC System for an individual only $99.00. Includes a 10minute quiz and 30 minute unpack profile session with an Accredited E-DISC Practitioner. 

Diamond Level - Your Secret E-DISC System package for an individual: normally $497 now on special for $444.00. 

For Groups:

Diamond Level 2 Full package for couples: $999.00. Includes 2 x individual reports, 2 x Individual sessions, and bonus combined couples session.

Quartz level or Diamond level variations for business teams also available.